Garden Workshop wiring project in Mansfield

Garden Workshop wiring

garden workshop wiring

Last week we completed a small garden workshop wiring project to add power and lighting to a property in Mansfield.  

Our customer had lived in the property for a long time. However, they had never used this building due to its condition. As you will see below its quite a transformation.

The builders (CSE Building Services Ltd) were installing a new staircase and mezzanine floor while we were on-site to add power and lighting.  

We started with a 60 meter armoured cable back to the consumer unit in the house.  Then supplied a new consumer unit the workshop which in turn supplied a new ring main and lighting circuit.  

Sockets were added all around the downstairs area to allow for future repositioning of the layout. Additionally, 2 sockets were aded to the upper level too.  Lighting was provided by 5x 35 Ansell LED Striplights. 

garden workshop wiring

Finally, adding a half lantern to the outside that matched one already fitted to the main house.  

garden workshop lighting

This was a fun project to take on and was completed in a day. It was a nice job to walk away from seeing a big transformation after only a few hours work.  

garden workshop wiring
garden workshop

If you have a project like this and you would like to talk to us about it please get in touch. You can use our contact form or call Ben on 07909833076

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