New Plug Sockets

If you need a new plug sockets installing in Derby you can trust us to do the job


New plug Sockets installed

Socket installation and repair services. We can add new plug sockets to a room or replace existing ones

Need to add a new plug socket?

Whether you’re installing new appliances or refurbishing your entire home, you may need to repair or install new electrical plug sockets. Modern electrical plug socket outlets provide flexible, safe, and reliable power delivery. At Electrical Innovations, we provide electrical switches and socket services to homeowners and businesses. 

We make sure your home is equipped with the right number of plug sockets in the right places to ensure that your home is safe. We’ve developed a strong relationship with our clients because they know we put their needs first.

Socket Repairs and Fault Finding

If you have faulty double sockets then we can help you get your power back on.

Are you Socket fronts cracked or showing signs of heat damage?  Or do your outlets spark and crackle when you plug or unplug and appliance? Or are you having issues with intermittant tripping on your socket circuits? 

Our electricians can help with all of these problem.  Call us today on 01332 498130 to book a socket replacement.  

Decorative Sockets

We can install all types of new plug sockets. We often get asked about decorative sockets fronts. 

Below you can find out best rated decorative socket fronts. 

"Ben and his team were very professional and did an excellent job putting up my daughter’s new light in her bedroom.
My daughter loves it. Thank you."
Chellaston Resident

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Need a small job done?

Small Works are no problem for our team of electricians.

Equally happy to quote for just a socket change or fitting a new light as we are a full rewire. 

We use fixed pricing so you can see your costs upfront.

electrician in chellaston small works

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Electrical Experts

Our Local electricians are all experts at their jobs. If you need an electrician you can trust that we know how to get the job done


Insured and Vetted

Our team is fully insured and covered to work in your property. With regular check ups to ensure we are safe and qualified to work on electrics

Safe Service

Our team are always in uniform. We drive sign written vans and carry ID. You will know who is coming to your door.


Amazingly responsive

Need an urgent job doing? We only cover our local areas so we always have an Electrician available to fix your problems.

Modern Communication

Receive booking reminders about your job and also the on our way to you so you are not waiting around all day.

Easy appointments

We have an easy to use online booking system so you can choose and book an appointment that suits your schedule.

Electrician in Derby

We offer the following electrical services across Derby and surrounding areas

If you require a service that is not on our list please call the office on 01332 498130 to discuss your job

Electrical Works

All type of electrical works carried out.

Small jobs such as additional socket and lights are not a problem for our electricians

  • Full Rewires
  • Garden lighting
  • Broken socket Repair
  • Additional plug sockets installed
  • Upgrade to decorative accessories
  • New circuits wired
  • Ovens and Hobs fitted
  • Consumers unit replacements
  • Outside floodlights
  • LED Lighting Upgrades
  • Garden wiring
  • Garage Wring
  • Nest Thermostats

CCTV and Alarms

We are CCTV and Alarm system Installers

All our system are the highest quality to ensure a safe and secure home

  • CCTV Installation
  • CCTV Camera fitting
  • Home Security surveys
  • House Alarm Insatllations
  • Wireless alarms
  • CCTV Apps
  • Alarm Apps
  • Garage and Shed Security
  • Ring Doorbell Installation
  • Full Colour at Night CCTV
  • Alarm Upgrades
  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Remote Access
  • Commercial CCTV and Alarms
Consumer Unit Replacement
Consumer Unit Replacement
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I rang Ben on the Monday and sent photos of my existing unit (not in the best of conditions) He arranged for someone to come round the next day after quoting a price. Colin and Brad arrived at the agreed time, what meet them must have been an electricians nightmare. The guys were polite and very conscientious workers. All the wires were wrongly labelled but they just got on with it and finally found what went where. They also discovered that a socket in my sons room was faulty and finding out they didn’t have one in the van rushed out to buy one and replace it. Amazing job by amazing men.
Electrical Installation Condition Report
Electrical Installation Condition Report
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Ben and the team provided my property with a 5 year electrical inspection certificate. The work was carried out thoroughly and with respect to my property. Highly recommended.
New plug sockets fitted
New plug sockets fitted
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Very professional from start to finish Over the moon with work that was done ,Colin turned up on time , did a smashing job ,lovely guy ,felt very safe with him in my house . Colin cleared up all mess and moved back furniture Price agreed was price paid I especially liked how I could track the electrician on his journey to my home The emails before and after we’re a nice touch Keep up the good work are doing great I will be using Ben and Colin again in the near future and would definitely recommend them
Nest Thermostat Fitted.
Nest Thermostat Fitted.
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Fantastic reliable & professional service! Ben turned up when he said he would and fitted our nest and also helped set it up, showed us how to use it! Could not have asked for a better service! Recommend Ben for all your electrical needs..!!
Full Rewire
Full Rewire
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We had Electrical Innovations to do a full rewire on our house and the service we received was excellent. The rewire included a Nest Thermostat, Ring doorbell, USB plugs and CCTV. What really impressed us the most was that nothing was too much trouble for Ben and the guys. We asked for a lot of extras during the job and they always tackled the tasks with enthusiasm and a can do attitude. Ben and his team are polite, friendly and offered advice and guidance throughout. Ben has lots of knowledge for Tech and smart home items. We can’t recommend them enough.
Replace faulty spotlight in WC
Replace faulty spotlight in WC
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Ben and his team recently did some work for us; old lights removed, new ones fitted, sockets relocated, new thermostat fitted, and a new alarm system installed. The work was done professionally and cleanly and at a reasonable price. Thanks! Would highly recommend.

Our Guide to new plug Sockets

We’ve installed plug sockets in peoples homes all over Derby for over 20 years. I can’t imagine how many new sockets we have fitted during that time! 

One thing we have learnt from this is that all customers have the same questions. We address the most common question below.

Table of Contents

Our top 3 Decorative Socket Ranges

How we choose our sockets

We love installing decorative sockets.  They are a fantastic addition that really finishes off a job. There are hundreds of decorative socket styles on the market so it can be difficult to choose which type to go for. 

The main things that are important for us when choosing a new plug socket are

  •  The full range of products

This is the the most important aspect for us as professional installers.  If we specify a certain style to a customer then we need to know that all types of sockets are available.  Double Sockets, Single Sockets, USB Sockets, the full range. 

In addition, it is vey important that we can get matching accessories for TV outlets, Data points and light switches.  Imaging buying some new kitchen sockets only to find out that you can’t buy a cooker switch to match. 

  • Quality as standard

All the electrical items we install are of the highest quality so we shouldn’t have to include this on this list.  However, you can buy decorative sockets for £3 or £30 and usually the build quality is what sets the prices apart.  

We only fit brands and products that we know will stay looking great after years of use.  

  • A wide choice of decorative finishes

Once we have established a quality product with a wide range of options the final decider is the colours and finishes

Define from Scolmore

The Define range from Scolmore is our preferred range of decorative electrical accessories. This range come in all the most common styles that your would expect and also includes some really nice unusual options such as pearl nickel and black nickel. It is solid made and slimline.

Lisse Ultimate Screwless

The Lisse ultimate screwless range from Schneider Electric is our go to option for when you want screwless accessories.

These sockets come in a number of styles but the stand out one for us is the painted gloss white. It has the look of standard white accessories with the feel and design of the higher end metal sockets.

buster and punch black socket
Buster + Punch

Buster and punch are a UK home fashion label. They make designer products in solid materials and rare styles.

They have also added accessory plates to their range so have access to a wide selection of products. Black Matte finish sockets and weathered brass/bronze effect are the highlights.

How Much does it cost to get a new socket installed

If you are calling an electrician about any of their services, no matter what the question you have it will eventually come down to price. 

So how much does it cost to have a new plug socket installed?  

Well.  It depends!

Not exactly what you wanted to hear but let us explain.  

How many different ways are there of installing a new socket? 
  1. Adding a new twin socket next to an existing one
  2. Wiring a new double socket across a bedroom
  3. Fitting an outside socket back to back with an internal socket
  4. Change a socket to a USB version
  5. Thats just a small amount of variables
  6. Wiring a socket for a TV
  7. Installing a new single socket for a kitchen appliance
  8. Fitting a new socket front

Thats just a small list of possible ways to install a new plug socket in a house. 

We are, however, able to give you some idea of what to expect from price. 

If you want an electrician to come out to your property in Derby and install a new double socket near to an existing socket outlet you would expect to pay £50-100 per socket. 

That would increase to £100-£250 per socket if there are no existing outlets nearby. 

This extra cost is due to the work involved in getting a new cable to the nearest position to supply power to the socket.  The price would depending on what is involved with the job and how far away power would be. 

What can increase or decrease the costs?

Most of the costs are directly related to the amount of labour involved.  A small amount of the cost is in materials.  A socket outlet alone only costs a few pounds and even the higher priced socket front with all the features ( Brushed Chrome Screwless Flatplate Double Socket outlet) would be less than £50

The time taken, and labour costs involved will depend on 

  • How close is the nearest socket
  • Do you need any walls chasing out
  • Will the walls need making good. 
  • Are the rooms clear to work 
  • Will furniture need moving and carpets lifting

All of these variables will effect the price of he installation. 

The other costs that may be involved are the materials. 

A junction box may be required.  A socket back box will certainly be needed. The length of cable needed be determined by how close other outlets or the consumer unit is. 

Finally, the condition of the existing electrical installation could increase the cost. 

Do your electrics need upgrading

Every time you are thinking about having any kind of electrical works carried out you should check your existing electrics. 

A couple of basic checks that you can do yourself can go a long way to seeing if your installation is ok to extend. 

  1. Do you have RCD Protection
  2. how long ago was your last EICR
You can check both of these yourself without needing an electrician.
RCD Protection

RCD protection is a safety feature that disconnects your electricity in the event of a fault.  This is now a requirement of all circuits with sockets outlets.  If you want to add new sockets to a circuit without RCD protection, then some upgrades will be required. 

This can mean a consumer unit replacement. Alternatively, an RCBO device adding to your existing consumer unit. 

Look in your consumer unit for a device with a test button

EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report

If it has been more than 10 years since your last EICR then chances are your current regulations are out of date and some upgrades may be needed.  Any electrician would be able to tell you this and also carry out upgrades at the same time as installing your new socket outlets.

To check this have a look at your fuseboard or consumer unit and see if there is a label with a date on it.  

can i change a single socket to a double?

Yes! This is a very common job that we are asked to cary out. It is probably the most cost effective way of adding extra sockets to you rooms.  

If you currently have two single sockets in a room you can easily double that you 4 outlets by just changing them to double sockets. 

The way this is done is to chop out the back box and extend it to a wider double version.  This can often be done with minimal disruption, but it depends on the type of wall and condition of the plastering. 

What is involved in adding a plug socket

Firstly, we would need to find out where the new socket can be supplied from.  This is often another nearby socket. I could be wired back to your fuse board. Or it could be connected directly onto the ring main cabling via a junction box. 

A wiring route would be needed.  This could be simply drilling back to back with another socket. In more difficult jobs it might mean chasing out walls and lifting up floorboards. 

If a cable needs to be chased into a wall it is a dusty job.  We ensure all the room is covered in dust sheets and we use our dust extractor and chasing machine to minimise the disruption. The chase can then be filled or plastered. 

Finally the socket faceplate can be fitted and powered up. A test certificate will issued when the job is completed.

Other Common Question about Plug sockets

Here are a few of the other common questions we get about adding a plug socket to a room 

Does a USB Plug Socket need a special back box

Some do.  It depends on the brand of both the socket and back box.  You would have to check with your manufacturer.  We usually supply and fit Scolmore sockets.  Their double plug sockets with flat plate faceplates and 2x USB outlets still fit in a standard 25mm back box. 

Is there a limit to how many sockets on a ring main

By the regulations, No. But in practice and real world use it is more likely that you will run in to problems with current load or RCD Tripping due to earth leakage if you have a very high amount. 

Every Installation is different, as each house will have different power usage.  But as a guide, a 4 bedroom house with 4 sockets per room would probably only have 1 ring main circuit for all of the upstairs.  Thats 16 sockets.  

Do I need extra sockets or can I use an extension lead

We recommend that you avoid using extension leads where possible and always try and add a new socket in the correct position

What is a ring main

A ring final circuit is the method commonly used to wire socket circuits.  The wiring starts at the consumer unit and goes in and out of each socket before returning to the consumer unit. When extending a ring main, or adding new sockets to a ring main you can extend the wiring into and back out of the new socket. This would extend the ring main.  Or you can spur of the ring main from a single point, to another single point.  This usually means wiring a 3rd cable at 1 socket, into a new plug socket. This is called a spur. 

It is not permitted to spur off a spur.