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What is an EICR Report?

If you are looking for an EICR or Electrical Safety check, or have any questions then this guide will help you find answers. 

An EICR is short for Electrical Installation Condition Report.  

An EICR is an investigation and report, visually and with test equipment, into the condition of your electrical installation. 

Electricity is hard to check and difficult to understand.  Due to this, it is important to have the electrics in your property checked from time to time. 

Walls and floorboards hide cables. Furniture keeps outlets covered. It is easy to forget to check for general wear and tear. Damaged wiring, badly installed circuits and aged installations are all causes of fires.  An EICR will reduce the risk by checking for problems.


Electrical Report Names

EICR's are known by many names depending on whom you speak to. Here is a list of the common names that all mean the same thing.

  • EICR
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • Electrical Safety Check
  • Electricians report
  • Landlord Electrical Check
  • Landlord Electrical Report
  • Electrical Safety Certificate
  • Installation Certificate
  • Electrics Certificate

Your Guide to EICR's

When looking for an EICR you should choose the right Electrical Contractor.  We have over 20 years in the Electrical industry. During that time we have carried out hundreds if not in fact thousands of EICR electrical reports. 

Below you will find the only guide you will need to the common questions related to EICR’s. This guide will help you to get your electrical reports completed.

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Table of Contents

What is EICR Testing?

What is EICR testing is a question we are regularly asked after we have made a recommendation to have one carried out. 

Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) is another name for an EICR or Electrical Installation Condition report.  This is what they were known as in previous editions of the regulations.

This is an inspection of an electrical installation and a report on its condition in relation to the current electrical regulations (BS7671) 

An electrical condition report will:
  • Record the results of all testing and inspections carried out. These results will ensure that the installation is safe for continued use. 
  • Highlight any damage due to wear and tear and report the effect on safety that it could have. This includes anything that could be a risk of electric shock or fire.
  • Find anything in the installation that does not comply with the wiring regulations
  • Provide documentation to record the installation at the time of the inspection

How often do you need an EICR report?

According to the IEE Wiring Regulations, how often do you need an EICR report depends on of a few considerations. 

What is the installation used for. Domestic, Commercial or Industrial

  • Every 10 years in a domestic property, such as your home, 

This can be sooner if there is a change of ownership or after a flood or fire. 

A domestic rental property, requires an EICR every 5 years or after each change of tenancy. This applied to both private landlords and also letting agency’s. This includes single rated properties and also HMO’s and flats. 

  • Every 5 yearsBusinesses and Commercial premises 

This is dependent on the type of use.  For example, a swimming pool needs an EICR every year

  • Every 1, 3 or 5 years for Industrial installation, however this will vary dependent on use.

In all cases you can carry out a risk assessment if an unusual circumstance arises. 

Have a look at our detailed article on EICR intervals

Approved Contractor EICR
We are inspected annually so we can carry our EICR's

How much is an EICR report?

The price of an EICR is variable from job to job due to the nature of the inspections. 

However, how much is an EICR report is easy to clear up with a few guidelines and examples. 

How much is a domestic EICR report

The average domestic EICR on a 3 or 4-Bedroom house with a single consumer unit of less than 10 circuits we would charge £250

A smaller property with fewer circuits could be less.  Larger properties with more work involved, additional consumer units and outbuildings will all increase the price. 

Some electrical companies will have a flat rate for an EICR with additional costs per circuit.  For example, you might pay £100 + £25 per circuits.  In this case, a condition report at a property with an 8 way consumer unit would cost £100.  This method of ‘price per circuit’ is more common on commercial works.  

How much is a commercial EICR report

For commercial electrical safety checks, and also industrial, it is normal to expect to pay per circuit.  A small café may have two consumer units. One for the shop front and other for the kitchen.  The price would be dependent on how many circuits are in each consumer unit, including the sub main supply to each. 

We charge between £10-20 per circuit for commercial and industrial works.  Higher prices would be dependent on access to circuits and working times, availability of previous records and condition of labelling and records of consumer units.  

A newer installation, with each working access and up to date records and previous EICR’s would result in a lower price per circuit. 

Be wary of companies quoting bottom end prices.  They may be using cheap unqualified labour to carry out the report and taking shortcuts on what checks should be made.   

We have an article looking in-depth at EICR prices

What does an EICR involve?

The job of carrying out an EICR involves a detailed inspection and test of the entire electrical installation. 

Results and observations of all inspections are in the report

The goal of this report is to assess the condition of the installation with particular attention to: 

  • Safety
  • wear and tear
  • corrosion
  • Excessive loading
  • Age
  • Corrosion
  • Suitability

What this mean in real terms is a visual check of every point on each circuit. Inspections of all lights, sockets, switch and fixed wiring points.  

Also included is further inspections by removing the front of a number of the accessories to investigate the wiring.  Additionally, the inspector needs to check a percentage of total amount of accessories. The amount of in-depth investigations will be agreed upon with the client beforehand. 

Circuit testing determines the condition and suitability for use.


How long is an EICR valid for?

As discussed above, how long is an EICR valid for depends on the property and installation. 

As a guide

  • Domestic EICR – Every 10 years
  • Domestic Rental EICR – Every 5 years
  • Commercial EICR – Every 5 years

All EICR reports include an expiry date.  This lets you know how long the report is valid

What is an EICR Certificate

An EICR Certificate does not actually exist. EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report.  This is a report of  the condition of the electric in a property.  

An Electrician issues a certificate when carrying out works. An Electrical Installation Certificate or a Minor Works Certificate. 

An EICR is usually acceptable in the absence of an Electrical Completion Certificate


This is an example of terribly unsafe wiring found on on of our EICR inspections

Who can issue an EICR

According to the IEE Wiring Regulations only competent and skilled persons can complete an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

What this means is you should choose an electrician with the relevant qualifications, experience and insurances. 

Registration with  competent persons scheme (CPS) is not a requirement for an electrician to issue a report. However, in the event of a problem, the only way to prove a competency could be to use a registered electrician. 

You can also ask your electrician so show you their JIB Gold card.  A grading of approved or higher shows that they will be competent.

Insurance and mortgage companies often ask for an NICEIC Approved contractor.  This is the next level up from a domestic installer.  

An NICEIC registered Electrician will be unable to issue an NICEIC EICR unless they are fully approved.  

Other Schemes such as NAPIT are also available. 


Are EICR's Mandatory

Mandatory Electrical Safety Inspections only currently apply to rental accommodation.  Even then, its only a legal requirement in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) to have a EICR. 

In 2020 the government announced plans to bring in mandatory EICR’s to all rental properties from 1st July 2020. 

The electrical wiring regulations are a Non-Statutory.  This means that they are not law. This also mean EICR’s are not mandatory.  

However, other legislation can overlap and apply (see the landlord legislation regarding rental  properties).  A good example of this is The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Electricity at Work Regulations (EWR) 1989. 

Both of these Acts are relevant as if you were ever in court, the only way to provide compliance with these Acts could be via the Non-Statutory Electrical Wiring Regulations and an EICR. 


Are EICR notifiable works

Surprisingly, NO.  EICR’s are not notifiable works.  

A person has no requirement to notify the Local Area Building Control when carrying out an EICR.  However, some remedial works could be notifiable. 

How do I know my inspection is due?

If you do not hold a valid report, or installation certificate then you should have an EICR carried out.  

Part of an EICR is labelling the consumer units to say that they have been tested.  Check your mains and see if you have a sticker with an expiry date. Likewise, you can check any property maintenance records you hold. 

I rent my business premises. Who is responsible for an EICR

A Landlord of a commercial property has no legal requirement to have an EICR carried out.  

If you are the business owner then the safety of your staff and customers if your responsibility.  

Insurance and mortgage requirements are separate to this, as are terms of any lease. 


After an EICR how do I know what works are required

Every EICR will include a page details the observations made during the inspection. 

These observations will be given a code relating to the severity of the issue.  

  • C1 – ‘Danger present’. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required.
  • C2 – ‘Potentially dangerous’. Urgent remedial action required
  • C3 – ‘Improvement recommended’.
  • FI – ‘Further investigation required’

Any observations with C1, C2 or FI will be given an Unsatisfactory outcome. 


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